The development of API industry and pharmaceutical industry are inseparable, even consistent. It is understood that due to the increasingly strict environmental supervision, API manufacturers need to optimize the process or reduce the production scale under the original conditions, which will lead to the price rise of API. Moreover, the upstream chemical raw material manufacturers of API are also facing the same problem. Only a few API enterprises can produce some products, which objectively forms an oligopoly situation. The rise of API prices will also affect downstream pharmaceutical enterprises to a certain extent. According to the industry, the price of raw materials is soaring, and downstream pharmaceutical companies are constantly complaining, which also directly affects the medication of patients.

Zou pingming Xinghua’s work is the upstream link of pharmaceutical industry, and he is deeply concerned about the price increase of API. Recently, it has been reported that the price supervision administration of the State Administration of market supervision has entrusted the China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association to organize a symposium on the supply of raw materials for relevant enterprises to attend in the conference room of the State Administration of market supervision. Leaders of the price supervision bureau and the Anti Monopoly Bureau of the State Administration of market supervision had in-depth exchanges and communication with the representatives of participating enterprises on the problems in the price and supply of API.

Zouping Mingxing chemical will control the price fluctuation trend of API within the framework of national policies and global market rules, so as to clean up and stabilize the global market environment.

Post time: Jan-11-2021