Betaine anhydrous is an efficient, high-quality, growth-promoting nutritional additive, a secondary product of metabolism, and a very important osmotic adjustment substance, which is very important for plants to enhance their resistance to stress. It has the functions of anti-tumor, lowering blood pressure, resistance to peptic ulcer and gastrointestinal dysfunction, and is used to treat liver diseases. At the same time, it has excellent moisturizing and whitening effects.
Betaine anhydrous is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body, and can also be found in foods such as beets, spinach, cereals, seafood, and wine.

Betaine anhydrous is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of high urine levels of a chemical called homocysteine ​​(homocystinuria) in people with certain inherited disorders. High homocysteine ​​levels are associated with heart disease, weak bones (osteoporosis), skeletal problems, and eye lens problems.

Betaine anhydrous is also used for treating high blood homocysteine ​​levels, liver disease, depression, osteoarthritis, congestive heart failure (CHF), and obesity; for boosting the immune system; and for improving athletic performance. It is also used for preventing noncancerous tumors in the colon (colorectal adenomas).
Use of Betaine Anhydrous:
Used in medicine, dental materials, cosmetics, health foods, diet foods, etc.
Anhydrous betaine storage: prevent water ingress during storage and transportation. Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Betaine anhydrous has a validity period of two years.
Safety instructions for anhydrous betaine: high temperature baking is prohibited.


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