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Name: Dibromomethane

CAS NO:74-95-3
Molecular formula: CH2Br2
Molecular weight:173.83
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Dibromomethane (1)

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Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Content: ≥ 99%

Melting point – 52oC

Boiling point 96-98oC (lit.)

Density 2.477g/mlat 25oC (lit.)

Vapor density 6.0

Vapor pressure 34.9mmhg (20oC)

Refractive index N20 / d1.541 (lit.)

Flash point 96-98oC


Main uses: as an intermediate of pesticide, Dibromomethane is the main raw material for the synthesis of a new type of high-efficiency, broad-spectrum fungicide, and also the raw material for large tonnage acaricides. Dibromomethane is a good flame retardant. Adding Dibromomethane to polymer can effectively reduce the combustion heat of plastics.

It can be used as raw material of organic synthesis, solvent, refrigerant, flame retardant and antiknock agent, disinfectant and disinfectant in medicine.

Leakage emergency treatment: quickly evacuate the personnel from the leakage contaminated area to the safe area, isolate them and strictly restrict their access. Cut off the fire. It is suggested that emergency treatment personnel should wear self-contained pressure breathing apparatus and fire protective clothing. Cut off the leakage source as far as possible to prevent it from entering the restricted space such as sewer and flood discharge ditch. Small leakage: absorb or absorb with sand or other non combustible materials. Large amount of leakage: build dike or dig pit to take in. Cover with foam to reduce steam damage. Transfer to tank car or special collector by pump, recycle or transport to waste treatment site for disposal.

Catalytic performance of CE Mn composite oxides for combustion of Dibromomethane: CE Mn composite oxides and single component CE, Mn oxide catalysts were prepared by coprecipitation method, and their catalytic activities for combustion of Dibromomethane in tail gas of PTA oxidation were investigated, The crystal structure of the catalysts was characterized by H2-TPR. The results showed that the CE Mn composite oxides formed homogeneous solid solution structure due to Mn3 + entering into CeO2 lattice, and had excellent low-temperature reduction performance. The catalytic combustion performance of the catalysts for Dibromomethane was significantly better than that of single component CE and Mn oxides, When the volume fraction of Dibromomethane is 0.4% ~ 1.0% and the space velocity is less than 24 000 H-1, the conversion of Dibromomethane is more than 95%, and the total yield of Br2 and HBr can reach more than 83%

Packing: 230kg / drum.

Storage precautions: store in cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse.

Annual capacity: 2000 tons / year

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