Allyl hexanoate

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Name: Allyl hexanoate 
CAS NO:123-68-2 
Molecular formula: C9H16O2 
Molecular weight: 156.22
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Appearance:Colorless Transparent Liquid

Content: ≥ 99%

Melting point – 57.45 oC (estimate)

Boiling point 75-76 oc15mmhg (lit.)

Density 0.887g/mlat25oC (lit.)

Refractive index N20 / d1.424 (lit.)

Flash point 151of


Used to make pineapple and other fruit flavors.

Allyl hexanoate is an edible spice temporarily permitted in China. It is commonly used to modulate strawberry, apricot, peach, sweet orange, pineapple, apple and other fruit flavor and tobacco flavors. The dosage is Chemicalbook according to normal production needs, 210mg/kg in general gum, 32mg /kg in sweets, 25mg/kg in baking food, 11mg/kg in cold drinks.

China’s GB 2760-1996 is temporarily allowed to use edible spices. It is mainly used for preparing fruit flavor such as pineapple and apple.

Propylene hexanoate is an edible spice which is allowed to be used in China. It is commonly used to modulate strawberry, apricot, peach, sweet orange, pineapple, apple and other fruiting flavors and tobacco flavors. According to the needs of normal production, the amount of chemical book is 210 mg / kg in gum, 32 mg / kg in candy, 25 mg / kg in baked food and 11 mg / kg in cold drink.

Leakage emergency treatment:

Protective measures, protective equipment and emergency handling procedures for operators: it is recommended that emergency handling personnel wear air breathing apparatus, anti-static clothing and rubber oil resistant gloves. Do not touch or cross the leakage. All equipment used in operation shall be grounded. Cut off the leakage source as much as possible. Eliminate all ignition sources. According to the influence area of liquid flow, steam or dust diffusion, the warning area shall be delimited, and irrelevant personnel shall evacuate from crosswind and upwind to the safety area.

Environmental protection measures:

Take in the leakage to avoid polluting the environment. Prevent leakage from entering sewers, surface water and groundwater.

Storage and removal methods of leaked chemicals and disposal materials used:

Small amount of leakage: collect the leakage liquid in airtight container as far as possible. Absorb with sand, activated carbon or other inert materials and transfer to a safe place. Do not flush into the sewer.

Large amount of leakage: build dike or dig pit to take in. Close the drain pipe. Foam is used to cover evaporation. Transfer the waste to the explosion-proof collector or to the special tank for disposal

Packing: 150kg / drum.

Annual capacity: 100 tons / year

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